(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Interaction between the sexes
1. gender; sexuality; eroticism, sensuality; male, female, masculine, feminine; free love, promiscuity; facts of life, birds and the bees; conjugal rights; Kinsey scale; red-light district, adult entertainment zone, combat zone; sexual prejudice, sexism, heterosexism; sexual revolution. Slang, queer-bashing. See class, endearment, love.
2. sex appeal, [animal] magnetism, machismo; aphrodisiac, love potion, philter, Spanish fly.
3. sexual orientation or preference; heterosexuality; homosexuality, homoeroticism, ephebophobia, androphilia; sexual orientation disturbance, SOD; gay power, gay pride, gay subculture; sodomy, pederasty; bisexuality; lesbianism, sapphism, lesbian separatism, tribadism. Slang, faggotry, concubitus, Greek love, pedication.
4. erotica, pornography, erotology, curiosa, facetiae, obscenity; centerfold; blue film, pornographic movie. Informal, beefcake, cheesecake. Slang, skin flick, porn flick, snuff film.
5. libido, sexual or carnal desire, lust, concupiscence, craving, desire, passion, prurience; estrus, heat, must[h], rutting; lechery, lubricity, lewdness, lustfulness; nymphomania, satyriasis. Slang, hots, itch, urge to merge, blue balls.
a. [sexual] foreplay, necking, frisking, dalliance, feel; cybersex, chat room, cyberporn, computer sex; phone sex; doctors and nurses, spin the bottle. Slang, grab-ass, touchyfeely, outercourse.
b. sex, sex act, [sexual] intercourse, [sexual] relations, [sexual] union, penetration, lovemaking, coition, coitus, [sexual] congress, carnal knowledge, conjugal relations, consummation, copulation, fornication, action, act of love; anal intercourse; oral sex, cunnilingus, anilingus, penilingus, fellatio, irrumation, blow job; masturbation, autoeroticism, onanism, self-abuse or -pollution; safe sex; rape (see impurity); procreation (see reproduction). Informal, quickie. Slang, fucking, funch, nooner, action, all the way, fun and games, bone dance, vanilla sex, ass, bareback, between the sheets, nooky; slam bang, poontang; sixty-nine, minetting, blow job, lip service, box lunch, mouth-music, hair pie, head; buggery, rim job; hand job, circle jerk; dry fuck.
c. missionary position, matrimonial position. Slang, dog-style.
d. orgasm, climax, clitoral or vaginal orgasm, ejaculation; wet dream.
e. sexual deviation, perversion, crime against nature, deviance, unnatural act; sadism, algolagnia, bestiality, bondage, child abuse, coprophilia, dominance, exhibitionism, exploitation, fetish, flagellation, flashing, frottage, golden shower, orgy, group grope, homeovestism, incest, indecent exposure, public nudity, masochism, molestastion, mooning, necrophilia, nymphomania, paraphilia, pedophilia, sadomasochism, S&M, English guidance, satyriasis, scopophilia, sodomy, Greek arts, streaking, submission, swinging, transsexuality, transvestism, urolagnia, voyeurism, water sports, wife swapping, zooerasty, zoophilia.
f. group sex, orgy. Slang, circle-jerk, club sandwich, daisy chain, gang-bang, petting-party, three-way, everythingathon.
7. sex or reproductive organs (see body).
8. asexuality, sexlessness; impotence.
9. sex toy or aid, marital aid or device, dildo, vibrator; sex clinic; brothel (see impurity).
a. sex object, sex symbol; sex fiend, libertine, voluptuary, sybarite, satyr; dirty old man; nymphet, sex goddess; sex surrogate; homophile, lesbian; catamite, gunsel. Informal, sex kitten, sexpot. Slang, fox, hot number, hunk, letch, masher, fag hag, feigele. See male, female.
b. sexualpervert or deviant, pederast, sodomist, catamite. Slang, angel, backdoorman, birdie, bugger, capon, inserter, jockey, joey, mason, reamer, sodomite, turk, uncle, usher; bimbo, bitch, boxer, boy, gal-boy, gash, hump, ingle, kife, lamb, male varlet, pansy, pink pants, receiver, wife.
c. cunnilingist, penilingist, fellator, fellatrice. Slang, cannibal, cocksucker, diver, lapper, nibbler, punk, smoker, stand, maneater, mantrap.
d. masturbator, onanist. Slang, jacker, jerk-off, jerkwad, milkman or -woman, whanker, fricatrix.
1. make love, neck, fool around, spoon, make out, neck, pet, park. Slang, feel up, clitorize, cop a feel, dally, diddle, feel up, finger, futz around, love up, mess about, paw, play grab-ass, stroke, toy. See endearment.
2. make love (to), know, lie with, cohabit with, be familiar with, go to bed with, sleep with, shack up with, mate (with), mount, seduce; make the beast with two backs, have the earth move, make music together, roll in the hay. Slang, have sex, make babies, couple, fuck, adamize, ball, bang, boff, boink, bonk, bury the weenie, diddle, dip the wick, do it, do the nasty, drill, firk, frig, get down, get it on or up, go all the way; conjugate, get into her pants, get it on, get laid, get off, get some ass or action, goose, hide the salami, hose, hump, impale, jump [his or her bones], lay, make, make one's love come down, play hospital, pop, pork, pump, put out, ream, roger, romp, rut, score, screw, service, shtup, slam, stab, swive (archaic), thump, twiddle; fingerfuck, fist; cornhole, rim; blow, eat, give head, go down on, suck; deflower; pull a train.
3. masturbate, abuse oneself, waste time; have an erection. Slang, beat, jack or jill off, pound, wank, whack, or jerk off; choke the chicken, chuff, flog, get one's nuts off, hand-jive, beat the bishop, play with or touch oneself, whank, yank; get it up.
4. have an orgasm. Slang, come, cum, cream, get one's rocks off, drop one's load.
5. be homosexual, bisexual, or heterosexual; be transsexual, crossdress. Slang, go or swing both ways; come out.
1. sensual, erogenous, erotogenic, carnal, erotic, racy, raunchy, obscene, risqué, [sexually] explicit, sexually oriented, steamy, scabrous, lascivious, lewd.
2. lustful, ruttish, salacious; liberated; ithyphallic; oversexed; easy, fast; amative, amorous, in the mood. Slang, horny, hot [and bothered], hot to trot, foxy, affy, brimming, dripping, frisky, fuckish, gamy, hairy, in season, itching, juicy, rammish, randy, ruttish, sexed-up, turned on, wet; in the saddle.
3. sexually active; bisexual, epicene, gynandrous, transsexual, homosexual, in or out of the closet, age- or gender-differentiated, heterosexual, straight, unisexual; hermaphrodite, androgynous, sexually otherwise. Slang, AC/DC, ambidextrous, bi, kiki, double-gaited.
4. undersexed, unsexual, cold, asexual, unresponsive, frigid, impotent.
Phrases — wham bam, thank you, ma'am; the love that dare not speak its name.
Quotations — Give me chastity and continence — but not yet! (St. Augustine of Hippo), Is it not strange that desire should so many years outlive performance? (Shakespeare), The pleasure is momentary, the position ridiculous, and the expense damnable (Lord Chesterfield), Give a man a free hand and he'll try to put it all over you (Mae West), Personally I know nothing about sex because I've always been married (Zsa Zsa Gabor).
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [Ideas associated with sexual relationships]
Syn. sexual attraction, sex appeal, magnetism, sensuality, affinity, love, courtship, marriage, generation, reproduction.
2. [A group, either male or female]
Syn. men, women, males, females, the feminine world, the masculine world, androgynes.
3. [Gender]
Syn. sexuality, masculinity, femininity, womanliness, manhood, manliness.
4. [Sexual intercourse]
Syn. coitus, making love, the sexual act, going to bed with someone; see copulation , fornication .
5. [Genitals]
Syn. genitalia, sexual organ, private parts, member*; see genitals .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
1. gender
2. copulation intercourse, coitus, mating, marital relations, fornication, *making love, *making out, *birds and the bees, reproduction, procreation, *facts of life, *roll in the hay, *sleeping with someone. ''The formula by which one and one makes three.''—Leonard Levinson. ''An emotion in motion.''—Mae West. ''An appetite placed in humans to insure breed-ing.''—Jonathan Benter. ''The poor man's polo.''—Clifford Odets.
abstinence: celibacy
anal or oral sex on a male: sodomy
aphrodisiac from beetle juice, alleged: Spanish fly
assault: molestation, rape
baby, pleasure derived by acting like a helpless: infantilism
condom, slang for having sex without a: riding bareback
counselor: sex therapist, sex surrogate
dominant woman as sexual pleasurer: dominatrix
ejaculation period when no new ejaculation is possible, post-: refractory period
ejaculation, removal of penis from vagina before: coitus interruptus
erection, medical condition of permanent: priapism
erection drug aid: ViagraTM
expose oneself: flash
exposes himself, one who: flasher
family member, sex with: incest
feces, pleasure from: coprophilia
find a partner and have sex: score
forbidden: taboo
Freudian notion of daughter’s attraction to father, hostility toward mother: Electra Complex
frustration in males due to lack of ejaculation, severe sexual: blue balls
group sex: ménage à tois, orgy, threesome, three-way, gang bang, daisy chain
hole through which two males participate: glory hole
hormone, sex drive: testosterone
hymen, slang for: cherry
impotence: erectile dysfunction
insatiable female: nymphomaniac
insatiable desire in females: nymphomania
kissing of another’s entire body as a prelude to: around the world
lesbian sex, referring to: Sapphic
male or female, enjoys sex with: bisexual
murder for sexual pleasure, film showing real: snuff film
nocturnal emission of semen: wet dream
one partner for life, sex with: monogamy
oral sex position, dual: 69
orgasms, exercises to improve: kegel exercises
orgasms, incapable of: anorgasmic
overpowering behavior for pleasure, giving in to another’s: submission
overpowering behavior that brings pleasure: dominance
own sex, physically attracted to one’s: homosexual; lesbian; gay
opposite sex, attracted only to: heterosexual
partners, interested in having sex with multiple: polyamorous
perversion or fetish, any: paraphilia
pleasure derived from viewing erotic photos: scopophilia
pornography, explicit: hardcore
pornography showing naked models or limited sex acts: softcore
potency, sexual: virility
scent attractant, hormonal: pheremones
sheath to protect against impregnanting female, male’s: condom, rubber
standard, woman-on-back position: missionary position
stimulation: titillation
strangling or suffocating oneself for pleasure: autoerotic strangulation, sexual hanging, autoerotic asphyxia
text, ancient Indian sex: Kama Sutra
tiring of sex, never: insatiable
urinating on partner, sex act of: golden shower
urine, pleasure from drinking of: urolagnia
vaginal pleasure spot: G-spot (Granfenberg Spot)
virgin, to have sex with a: deflower
warm, relaxed feeling after orgasm: afterglow
warm-up activities: foreplay
watches others for pleasure, secretly: peeping Tom, voyeur
whipping, pleasure: flagellation

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